Welcome to join Wise Toys.

From here, you will learn how to create a Wise Toys plugin. This is a very easy thing. You only need to use the technologies you are already familiar with (Javascript, HTML, CSS). If you know some Nodejs and Electron, it will be better. However, it can interact more with the local operating system and achieve more powerful functions.

Plugin json

Create a new folder where you think fit, and create a plugin.json file. This is the most important file to explain how this plug-in will integrate with Wise Tools.

The basic format is as follows:

        "pluginName":"Wise Toys"
        "description":"Wise Toys plugin test"

pluginName: The name of a plugin.

description: A short description of a plugin, less than 50 characters including blank and symbols.

main: An index file of the plugin, must be a HTML file.

version: The version of the plugin. The regular form is: major. minor. Revision. E.g., 1.0.1

logo: The icon of the plugin, supports svg, png, jpg.

Create main file

According to the definition in main, create an index.html file in the same level directory of plugin.json:

    <!DOCTYPE html>
            I am a Wise Toys plugin

Developer center

Load plugin

Well, a plug-in has been completed, let us integrate it into Wise Toys.

1. Click the add plugin icon

2. Select the plugin.json file

3. Click to open in your own plug-in list