Batch Rename

Batch Rename is a utility that can batch rename. Although the plug-in is simple, the function is relatively powerful. After enabling this function, users can easily rename the file, including the file prefix, main file name, number of bits, and suffix, etc. By dragging one or more files or folders to the center of the page or uploading locally, users can delete words from file names in batches, replace phrases, auto-number, change multiple file extensions at once, and so on. Batch renaming saves users from repeating the same action multiple times, which greatly saves time and improves work efficiency. Introduction

The main interface of Batch Rename is roughly divided into several areas.

  1. The area for uploading files or folders;
  2. The area where the files are sorted;
  3. Rename the modified area;
  4. Rename the confirmed area. Upload file or folder

Users can add files or folders in two ways.

1) Drag and drop the file or folder to the blank space in the middle.

2) Or click the Browse button in the lower right corner to upload files locally.

Batch Rename supports four types of renaming.


Support batch inserting numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters. Users can also modify the text in the front part or the back part, and the insertion position can be controlled at will.


Support replacing part or whole name of source file or folder.


Supports inserting text before, after or at the same time the name of the original file or folder


Supports batch modification of file or folder extensions.

Each operation step can be previewed in real time. After the batch modification is completed and confirmed, click the Renaming button.

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