Color Picker

Color Picker is a utility that can choose to pick up system-wide colors. People who are generally engaged in graphics work, such as web designers, photographers, and photo post-producers. In their field, it is usually necessary to recognize a specific color and use it. Similar to the color picker (eye drops) tool in Photoshop, it can accurately identify what color it is. Color Picker is roughly divided into three parts:

1) Pick: Pick up the color;

2) The picked up color display area;

3) The main color value of the picked color;


1) Start Color Picker and click "Pick" to pick up the color of the current window.

2) The picked color is automatically displayed in the middle part.

3) Color Picker provides five main color values of the picked color: HEX, HEX8, RGB, HSL, HSV. These color values can be copied directly.

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