Password Generator

Password Generator is a powerful random password generator. The password is related to the security of the user's personal information, so a strong password is very necessary. Strong passwords generally contain multiple types of characters at the same time, such as letters, numbers, and special symbols. Long passwords are also more secure than short passwords. Of course, this does not mean that the user sets an infinite password. Generally, a password with a length of 12-20 characters is appropriate. Each account should use a unique password. If the password is reused and one website has problems, other websites will be at risk at the same time. Because it is easy for hackers to use the same password to try to unlock it on other websites. In addition, it is recommended that users try to avoid using personal birthday, name and other information to set passwords, which can be easily found by criminals. It is also necessary to change the password regularly. Password Generator can generate strong passwords for users when they register for a certain program or website, simplifying the users' digital life.


1) The password contains uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters. Users can freely combine and check. Users can also exclude similar characters to avoid typing errors. In addition, users can freely set the length of the password.

2) After these settings are set, click generate password.

3) The randomly generated password is displayed in the blank space below. Click the copy button to copy.

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