QR Code

The full name of QR Code is Quick Response Code, a type of two-dimensional barcode. Japanese company DENSO WAVE was invented in 1994. The inventor hopes that the QR code can quickly decode its content. QR codes use four standardized encoding modes (numbers, alphanumerics, bytes, and languages to store data. QR codes are commonly found in Japan and are currently the most common two-dimensional barcode in Japan. They are widely used in mobile phone code reading operations in countries around the world. Compared with ordinary one-dimensional barcodes, QR codes have faster reading and larger storage data capacity, and there is no need to align the scanner when scanning like one-dimensional barcodes. Therefore, its application range has been expanded to include product tracking and item identification , Document management, inventory marketing, etc.


1) Type the text content.

2) Generate QR Code in real time.

3) The generated QR Code can be copied.

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