Steps Recorder

Steps Recorder is a tool used to record user actions performed on the computer. Generally used to help record and troubleshoot. Without a step recorder, users have to explain in detail each step they are taking to describe the problem they are experiencing. The best way to do this is to use a program to write information about what they are doing and take screenshots of every window they see. Steps Recorder can be sent to any person or organization to assist in troubleshooting. Because when using the step recorder, all of this is done automatically when the user uses the computer, so this means they don't have to worry about anything, just start and stop the step recorder, and then send the results.


1) Before you start recording, please consider the process involved in making any problems you are trying to demonstrate.

2) Click "Start Record"

3) If you want to add a comment, select "Add Comment".

4)If you need to stop recording for some reason, please tap or click the "Pause Record" button. Press "Resume Record" to restart recording.

5)After recording is complete, click "Stop Record", and click "Save" in the new pop-up window.

At this point, a complete step record is completed, and the user can send it to those who need it.

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